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We are offering

Customized Management Consulting.

This means: no "cookie-cutter" approach but individual, target-oriented solutions considering the requirements concerning:

  • industry characteristics
  • market conditions and
  • company resources.

We do in no way rule out the use of time-tested consulting methods and tools. That's because our competence is based upon the knowledge acquired in numerous projects dealing with most diverse problems, industries, departments and company sizes.

In our projects - in addition to the self-evident quality of our work - we attach great importance to:
  • Team work: We always work in close contact to the client´s staff on site - nationally as well as internationally. Because an extensive internal acceptance of the project's targets makes a fundamental contribution to a sustainable success of the project.
  • Practicability: Due to our hands-on mentality we believe that one of our strengths is the active implementation of jointly developped concepts. Doing that we avoid producing "data garbage" and using "consulting lingo".
  • Target orientation: In my projects I always think and act as an entrepreneur, which means: my success is the success of my clients. I also share the entrepreneurial risk by means of performance-related compensation elements.
  • Loyalty: Consulting is a confidential matter - my loyalty is the best basis for the confidence of my clients.
In this context I work both directly for my clients and as a subcontractor for national and international management consultancies.






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